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本帖将对《空中浩劫》每集的OP部分[即"Mayday, mayday"或白色标题出现(早期剧集)之前]进行详解,不定期不定序更新。单词表中以星号*标出的单词表示在《空中浩劫》等语境中使用频率较高。


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Season 11

第一集 多灾跑道——天马航空3054号班机
Episode 1 "Disaster Runway"/"Deadly Reputation"/"Nightmare Runway"
NARRATOR: Every flight begins and ends here, a strip of asphalt scorched by jet engines and marred with rubber. But not all runways are created equal[1]. One of the world’s most notorious is runway 35L at Congonhas Airport in Brazil.
MAN: It could surprise you at any moment.
NARRATOR: In July 2007, TAM Airlines flight 3054 becomes its latest victim[2].
F/O: Decelerate. Decelerate!
CAPTAIN: It can't, it can't!
NARRATOR: The runway claims 199 lives. It would be carefully scrutinized, its history revealed[3]. Investigators desperately need to know why runway 35L is so dangerous...
NARRATOR: ...before more lives are lost.

Word List
1. strip* n. 狭长(地带或水域);(纸、布或食物的)条
【示例】a strip of material; a narrow strip of water; airstrip; landing strip; wear strip
【例句】With only one eye, he's unable to gauge depth as he speeds towards the narrow, rain-soaked strip of grass. 他只有一只眼有视力,无法感知深度,就这么飞向了浸透雨水的狭窄草地。(S11E11中美洲航空)
2. asphalt n. 沥青;柏油
3. scorch* vt. 烧焦 n. 烧焦;焦痕
【示例】scorching flames; scorch marks
4. mar vt. 损毁;损伤;玷污
5. notorious adj. 声名狼藉的,臭名昭著的
6. claim vt. 夺走(生命)[正式]
【例句】It's been over a year since a plane crash claimed the life of Polish president Lech Kaczyński. 波兰总统莱赫·卡钦斯基坠机身亡已经一年有余。(S12E10波兰总统专机)
7. scrutinize* vt. 仔细检查
【例句】It would be scrutinized more closely than any other piece of debris. 它将受到比其他残骸更仔细的检查。(S07E01断三截)
The experts scrutinize the available evidence more closely and are faced with a shocking explanation about what happened. 专家深入分析现有证据,得出事故原委的一个惊人解释。(S14E11马航370)
8. reveal* vt. 揭露;泄露
【例句】Now with cutting-edge computer technology, we reveal exactly what went wrong. 现在我们将借助先进的计算机技术揭露意外的原委。(重返危机现场OP)

Reading in Depth
[1] be created equal(equal形容词作状语)
[2] ACI讲故事一般都用现在时。
[3] ...its history revealed.(独立主格结构)

第二集 致命爬升——西加勒比航空708号班机
Episode 2 "The Plane That Flew Too High"/"Fatal Climb"
NARRATOR: A scene of devastation in a remote region of Venezuela confirms the fate of a missing passenger jet.
CONTROLLER: Whiskey Charlie Whiskey 708, confirm position if possible.
NARRATOR: West Caribbean Airways flight 708 has mysteriously dropped from the sky while flying at over 30,000 feet.
MAN: It took off from Panama. It's a Colombian operator. There was[were] 160 French citizens on board[1].
MAN: The biggest accident that has ever occurred in the Venezuelan territory.
NARRATOR: Investigators hope the crew's desperate last words...
CAPTAIN: West 708!
CONTROLLER: Do you have a problem on board?
NARRATOR: ...will help them pinpoint the cause of the crash.
CAPTAIN: Affirmative, now we've had a flame-out on[2] both engines.
NARRATOR: But instead, the mystery deepens.
F/O: It's a stall Captain, it's a stall!
NARRATOR: The pilots can't agree on[3] why the plane is falling. Now it's up to investigators to figure it out.

Word List
1. devastation* n. 毁坏;极度震惊或悲伤
【示例】a scene of total/complete/utter devastation/destruction 一幅满目疮痍的景象
+devastating adj. 毁灭性的,灾难性的;惊人的,可怕的
└【例句】A burnt-out hole is all that's left of Asiana Airlines flight 214 after a devastating crash landing. 经历一次毁灭性的迫降后,韩亚航空214号班机只剩下一个烧穿的大洞。(S13E11特辑)
But what they get instead is devastating news. 但他们等到的却是令人震惊的消息。(S12E10波兰总统专机)
+devastate vt. 毁灭;破坏
└【例句】Learjet Victor-Mike-Charlie has devastated Mexico City's financial district. 里尔喷射机VMC重创墨西哥市的金融区。(S14E08墨西哥城公务机)
2. remote* adj. 边远的,偏僻的;久远的;极小的,微乎其微的
【示例】the remote past 遥远的过去 a remote possibility 微乎其微的可能性
【例句】When you talk about an accident in the Grand Canyon, you're talking about both hostile, inaccessible, remote and dangerous. 发生在大峡谷的空难就是环境恶劣、不易到达和偏远危险的组合体。(S12E06大峡谷空难)
2. territory n. 领土
【ACI用词】soil 国土;territory 领土(均用在指国家的形容词后)
3. desperate* adj. 绝望的;不顾一切的,铤而走险的,孤注一掷的;极度渴望的;危急的
+desperately adv. 不顾一切地;极其
4. pinpoint v. 准确指出(原因);给…准确定位
5. deepen* v. 加剧,加深
【示例】the mystery deepens 谜团加深

Reading in Depth
[1] onboard(on-board)和on board
onboard(on-board) adj. 随车(船,机)携带的
【示例】onboard radar 机载雷达

onboard LAN 板载网卡
on board 在船(火车、飞机)上
【示例】...people on board 机上有...人 a bomb on board 机上的一颗炸弹
[2] on both engines(注意介词)
[3] agree on
agree with 同意某人 I agree with you.
agree on 在…上达成一致(主语复数)
agree to 同意某事 They agreed to the plan.

第三集 莫衷一是——飞箭航空1285号航班
Episode 3 "Split Decision"/"Military Crash Conspiracy"
NARRATOR: Military families in Kentucky prepare to welcome home loved ones from overseas.
MAN: The plan was to have a reception for them, and then those soldiers would be reunited with their families and friends.
NARRATOR: At the same time, at a small Canadian airport…
MAN: There’s wreckage all over the place; there was massive destruction.
MAN: Well, nobody could’ve survived this.
NARRATOR: 256 people are dead. It’s one of the worst aviation accidents of all time.
MAN: Any time a crash of this sort would occur, immediate suspicions would be raised.
NARRATOR: Answers will be hard to come by …
MAN: It does not advance safety to get the wrong cause of an accident.
NARRATOR: …as two radically different scenarios for the crash emerge.

Word List
1. split decision 【拳击】分歧判定
参见: | 网页链接
S12E02 "Fire in the Hold"
→ fire in the hole 小心有雷(运送的“失效”氧气罐)
vs. 货舱(hold)起火
S12E03 "Caution to the Wind"
→ throw/cast caution to the wind(s) 不顾危险,鲁莽行事,冒险(即机长冒失闯入施工中的跑道)
vs. 小心对待台风(指机长的过度谨慎)
S12E04 "Pushed to the Limit"
→ push sb. to the limit 逼迫某人到无法容忍的地步(即朱卫民当时的生活境况)
vs. 把油门杆推到最大(limit)【最大叫limit,慢车idle】
S12E05 "Blind Landing"
→ blind landing 盲降,仪表着陆
vs. 真·盲(目)降(落)
S13E02 "Speed Trap"
→ speed trap 警察使用雷达以检测汽车超速的监视区
vs. 高速下的困境(trap)(导致战机目视能力不足)
S13E03 "Lost in Translation"
→ lost in translation(文学作品等)内涵在翻译中丢失
vs. 在从苏式仪表到西方仪表的转变(translation)中迷失(lost)
S13E08 "Imperfect Pitch"
→ perfect pitch 完全音高感,绝对音感
vs. 不佳的(imperfect)俯仰(pitch)
2. come by 得到,找到
Jobs Will Be Hard to Come by for a While
Reliable “real time” information is hard to come by.
Why We Should Take Performance Measurement on Faith (Facts Being Hard to Come by and Not Terribly Important)

Season 15
第一集 在无线电上多嘴(划掉)生死交叉点——联合航空5925号班机
Episode 1 "Fatal Transmission"
NARRATOR: Scorched wreckage is all that’s left after a fatal air disaster in Illinois.
TOM HAUETER: It was really a molten mess, to be frank.
NARRATOR: Witnesses recount a stunning detail.
PAUL WALKER: I could hear passengers shouting out.
NARRATOR: Everyone who died survived the initial impact.
KATE GATHJE: You evacuate! I’ll shut down.
NORA MARSHALL: To know that they survived an accident and weren’t able to get out is hard.
KATE GATHJE: Open the door!
PAUL WALKER: I tried everything that I could do in the world and I could not get that door to unlatch.
NARRATOR: Investigators face a tragic and puzzling question.
TOM HAUETER: Why didn’t that door open?
PAUL WALKER: Oh God! I’m sorry, Kate.
PAUL WALKER: I was literally their last hope.

第二集 旧金山懵逼(划掉)旧金山惊魂——韩亚航空214号班机
E02 "Terror in San Francisco"
NARRATOR: A final approach goes horribly wrong.
BEN LEVY: Just wondering how it’s gonna end.
NARRATOR: The dramatic rescue in San Francisco is caught on camera.
BILL ENGLISH: They used the terms mass casualty event.
NARRATOR: The search for a cause...
NARRATOR: ...divides air safety experts.
BILL BRAMBLE: ...the worst mode possible!
ROGER COX: I disagree.
NARRATOR: Was it the pilots, the plane or something else that doomed Asiana Flight 214?
BILL ENGLISH: The hard part is to say which one is the straw that broke the camel’s back?

第三集 末日崩塌(划掉)不速天劫——以色列航空1862号班机
E03 "High Rise Catastrophe"
ARNON OHAD: Going down, 1862. Going down! Going down!
NARRATOR: A 747 cargo jet plunges into an apartment complex.
GURI PALTER: Cut it like a knife.
ARNON OHAD(ATC RECORDING): El Al 1862 mayday, mayday.
NARRATOR: Amid wild rumours...
ROBERT BENZON: There was speculation that a missile had struck the aircraft.
ROBERT BENZON: We need those black boxes!
NARRATOR: Crash investigators search for the cause of The Netherlands' worst air disaster.
PIM VAN SANTEN: There was a lot of pressure to come up with some findings as quickly as possible.
DAVID LEARMOUNT: The only trouble is the investigators didn't know the answers, which were simply not available.
NARRATOR: Preventing an even greater disaster may now be a race against time.
PIM VAN SANTEN: We were extremely worried and concerned that the next airplane might have been a passenger airplane.

第四集 夺命快递(划掉)独战关头——UPS航空6号班机
E04 "Fatal Delivery"
RICHARD PHILIPS: All available assistance required at Dubai. Emergency descent underway.
NARRATOR: Twenty two minutes after takeoff...
CAPTAIN DOUG LAMPE: Get your oxygen mask on.
NARRATOR: ...the pilots of a UPS cargo jet face a life-threatening emergency.
JOHN COX: A cockpit full of smoke is an absolutely terrifying condition.
CAPTAIN DOUG LAMPE: Can you see anything?
FIRST OFFICER MATTHEW BELL: No, I can't see anything.
BILL ENGLISH: It's about as bad as you can get.
NARRATOR: The pilots need information - fast.
FIRST OFFICER MATTHEW BELL: Tell me what to do, what altitude, what speed, what heading.
NARRATOR: Controllers on the ground may be their only hope.
RICHARD PHILIPS: I want you to tell him exactly what I say when I say it.
DARREN STRAKER: It's almost impossible to grasp the magnitude of the task.
RICHARD PHILIPS: 300 feet. Any runway is available.
JOHN COX: If he doesn't sort this out, this is going to result in a catastrophic accident.

第五集 致命行动(划掉)代号:艾伯蒂纳行动——恩多拉联合国DC-6事故
NARRATOR: Tragic accident or calculated murder?
SVEN HAMMARBERG: Now let’s see the elevations.
NARRATOR: Investigators re-open a 55-year-old mystery.
ROBERT MACINTOSH: This was a major world event.
CAPTAIN PER HALLONQUIST: We’re going down. Brace! Brace!
NARRATOR: What caused a crash that killed the UN secretary general?
HENNING MELBER: It was devastating.
ROBERT MACINTOSH: This gentleman was a champion of world peace.
NARRATOR: How did a top-secret peace mission in Africa end in death?
RHODESIAN INVESTIGATOR: It’s tough to see how they could screwed this up.
ROBERT MACINTOSH: Certain people believe it’s just not possible that Dag Hammaerskjold was killed in a common accident. It had to be something more.
NARRATOR: Controversial theories abound.
PAUL ABRAM: Dag Hammarskjold was murdered. Period.
NARRATOR: But the truth may finally be within reach.
SVEN HAMMARSERG: As an investigator, I don’t want to close any doors.

第六集 灾难边缘——大西洋航空670号班机
A commuter plane in Norway is heading for disaster.
Stop! Just stop!
Then you're starting to run out of options.
We're going over!
Why couldn't it stop and why didn't it stop?
The horrific scene is caught on home video.
Watch your step, guys.
We could find bits and pieces of steel but all the rest of it was gone.
Could a mysterious substance point to the cause?
I think we found our smoking gun.
第七集 争分夺命——西班牙航空5022号班机

第八集 煞命时速——嘉鲁达航空200号班机
E08 "Fatal Focus"
NARRATOR: Dramatic video captures a scene of chaos.
GEOFFREY THOMAS: You've got this trail of people coming away from the airplane. It was raw, unedited.
NARRATOR: A crash survivor records the desperate escape from the wreckage of the Garuda flight 200.
KYLE QUINLAN: Huge explosions going off. Big plumes of black smoke.
NARRATOR: What sent the Indonesian airliner careening off the runway?
ALAN STRAY: We don’t deal in speculation; we want facts.
GEOFFREY THOMAS: There was intense pressure to deliver.
NARRATOR: Investigators must accept a shocking explanation for the crash.
JOHN NANCE: It’s very hard to understand...
FIRST OFFICER GAGAM RACHMAN: Go around Captain, go around!
ALAN STRAY: I’ve never heard anything like this!

第九集 从天而降(划掉)孤注一掷——大西洋西南航空2311号班机
E09 "Steep Impact"
Grab your ankles. Head down.
Get out of it!
I can’t.
Oh God! That's it.
A plane crash in Georgia leaves 23 dead, including a NASA astronaut and a US senator.
Anytime there is a high profile case, there's more stress and pressure on you.
In search of the cause...
We've got to see what happens in the air.
...investigator Tom Haueter gambles on a risky hunch.
When I first proposed doing the flight test, it was not well received.
He puts his reputation and the life of a skilled test pilot on the line.
- EMB-120, do you copy? - Copy.
This was, in my opinion, a very dangerous maneuver. What if this airplane crashes, what if we lose the airplane?
The risks, of course, is part of the game.

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